Shared webhosting

Choosing Shared Web Hosting

The Internet has become the most important part of the functioning technological world and many individuals have become entrenched within the possibilities that it has to offer. At a baseline, every organization and business must provide a web platform for providing information to consumers and above this are businesses which create a profit from their online websites. One of the most important decisions to make when looking at venturing into the world of website management is the type of hosting service that will connect your site to the world wide web.

Shared Web Hosting

There are a number of methods for hosting a website but one of the most prominent and widely used is the so called “shared web hosting”.

shared-webhostingShared web hosting involves multiple websites accessing the same individual server in order to connect to the Internet. This system is managed by a hosting service for security and system administration, in order to alleviate those requirements from the website operators. In shared web hosting, the service provider is responsible for managing servers, installing software and updating security which is one of the most efficient ways for operators to run a website with limited technical knowledge.

Shared web hosting can be provided in one of two methods. One method, called dedicated IP hosting, is when the service is IP-based and every subscriber uses their own dedicated IP address. The other method is name based: also called shared IP hosting, where every subscriber is given a hostname and there are multiple hostnames using one IP address. DNS stands for domain name hosting and connects the lettered website to the IP address address, similar to dialing a telephone and the service provider connecting the number to the household.

Benefits of Shared Web Hosting

There are some clear benefits to choosing shared web hosting over the other available hosting options. This is the easiest platform for operators to use as when you choose a name based method of shared web hosting, the website will start up immediately after the purchase of the subscription. The hosting provider will provide and maintain all of the administration needs in regards to hosting the website including statistics. If you are a small company or a beginner, it is valuable to choose shared web hosting as an option.

In comparison to some of the other hosting options, shared web hosting is the most cost efficient. If you are lacking the know how to manage dedicated servers, these name based shared web hosting options are the best choice for small and medium websites.

Why Host Sites Locally?

There is usually an option to upgrade a subscription from a name based to a dedicated server. A dedicated server is a private server, allowing increased speed and performance. This option will also require the website operator to control more aspects within the administration and maintenance of the website. Program installations and services that are offered by the hosting service in name based web sharing are not the same when purchasing a dedicated server.

Shared Web Hosting Providers

It is important to look at different providers when choosing a shared web hosting subscription. Shared web hosting will usually offer statistics, technical support and web mail as well as many others and all of these services are wrapped into the monthly subscription package. These hosting providers have the ability to take the worry out of web hosting.

When searching for a provider to meet all of your hosting needs there are many things to be considered – including budget, capacity, traffic and size. There are multiple web hosting options and each should be diligently investigated in order to acquire the perfect match for your website.